YI Mirror Dash Cam 1080P Wi-Fi 4.3” Touchscreen

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Advanced Technology

Dual-Recording HD Cameras

The front facing 1080p camera features a 138° ultra wide-angle lens with f/2.0 large aperture to give excellent viewing capabilities even in low-light. The high-sensitivity image sensor combined with an all-glass lens delivers superb live video to the display. The high resolution rear camera with reverse detection has stays protected from dust and water, while still delivering clear 720p recordings.

Reverse Detection

The 720p camera discreetly fits on the rear of your car. With a simple auxiliary line setup the system automatically detects reverse motion and switches the mirror display to show exactly what the rear camera can see. The IP67 rating makes it rainproof and dustproof.

Driver Fatigue Alerts

Remain alert at all times with the driver fatigue feature. After two hours of continuous driving the YI Mirror Dash Cam will alert you with a prompt that can only be closed manually. Ensure the well-being of you and your passengers with this reliable safety feature.




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